BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice

The history of company BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice is made by 30 years of experience in the rubber and plastic industry.


Collective participated in the construction and modernization in almost all rubber and plastic plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Brasil, USA, Malaysia, India, Italy, Greece, etc.

The main focus of the former installation division, existed in the scope of BUZULUK Komárov a.s. are external instalaltion works, machines reconstruction and reparation for rubber and plastic industry includes supply and installation of industrial piping and steel structures.

Deliveries provides comprehensive ie. including electricians subcontractors.

The company BUKO-S Ltd. Otrokovice was founded September 8th., 1995 spin - off of part of installation division BUZULUK Komárov a.s. to this company, for works take place in Moravia, moustly in companies Continental Barum s.r.o., Mitas Phaha a.s. plant Zlín and in others rubbers and plastics companies nearby.

Outside the field of activity above the company BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice focused - on service of cooling and tempering facilities / BUKOS TEMP Ltd. /.

During existing of company BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice were made out of tough domestic events such as for example Restrukturing program in Barum Continental s.r.o. Otrokovice, Mitas Praha Inc. plant Zlín, FATRA Napajedla, TECHNOPLAST Chropyne, GUMÁRNY Zubří, Čenkov - plastics processing and others, installation, and reparation of rubber equipment in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Spain and Scotland.

The company has pernament service centers in plants: Continental Barum s.r.o. Otrokovice, YOKOHAMA T.W.S. Otrokovice, YOKOHAMA T.W.S. Zlín.

The company has all necessery instalaltion tools, equipment and mechanisms for compex installation operations and transfers.

BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice is from the year 2009 is established supplier of Polymer Feeding Lines consists from Batchfeeder(s), Weighing and Feeding conveyor and conveyors for small chemicals.

Also we engaged in restoration and modernization of older (second hand) machinery and production lines as well as the development and manufacturing of special purpose machinery and ancillary equipment units bespoke.



The aim of BUKO-S s.r.o. Otrokovice is to meet customer requirements in the agreed time and in good quality.


In December 2001 was our company certified by certificates 

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 for Repais, Instalaltions, Production and service of machines and Equipment in rubber and plastic industry.