Production program

Own machinery, staff qualifications and proven cooperation with specialized companies allow the application to advanced materials and processes.

We have experience of long-term cooperation with leading producer of blast / sanding / finishing machines for metals and these special technologies.


1) Polymer Feeding Lines consist of:

    I.   BATCHFEEDER; for compound width 1200 or 900 mm - as required is possible to adapt the width
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         VIDEO 2:
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    II.  Weighing / Scale conveyor; dimensions according to customer requiremens layout, basic design accordig to CONTINENTAL
         "MES" Specification.

    III. Conveyors as storrage between Weighing and Feeding conveyor according to layout and cutomer requirements.
    IV. Feeding conveyor; movable by hands equipped with wheels or pneumatically back movable under the scale c/v because of space for the mixer´s hopper maintenance.
     V. Bale cutter; equipped by pneumatic or hydraulic unit.


2) Installation / assembling of plant equipment especially in the rubber and plastics industry.


3) All metalwork.


4) Spare parts and parts manufacturing according to delivered drawings or developing new documentation according to the sample or award.

 5) Overhaul, modernization and reconstruction of machines.


 6) Moving bulky, massive machinery and equipment.


 7) Production of steel structures.